Self Propelled

Self Propelled Cherry Pickers

Self Propelled Cherry Pickers Range Explained

Niftylift Self-Propelled Cherry Pickers are suited to every industrial and construction project. 

Our range covers working heights from 10m (33ft) to over 28m (92ft), making any job possible without sacrificing manoeuvrability. Niftylift Self-Propelled Cherry Pickers aren’t space hoggers – their compact size ensures each vehicle can be operated in any boom position, saving time and promoting efficiency. 

Nifty’s Self-Propelled Cherry Pickers come standard with easy-to-use proportional controls and a range of work-site essential features, including fly-booms, platform rotation and telescopic booms.

‘Narrow’ and ‘4WD’ chassis options available*

Power Options for Self-Propelled Cherry Pickers

We have a range of power options suited to our Niftylift Self-Propelled Cherry Pickers. From conventional sources like battery, mains, petrol and diesel, to Bi-Energy (combining two power options in one machine), and the environmentally responsible, highly economical Hybrid.

Do You Have a Question About Our Self-Propelled Cherry Pickers?

Find out more about our Self-Propelled Cherry Pickers by contacting Niftylift today. We’re always on hand to provide further information about any of our Nifty Cherry Pickers!

* Not available on all models, check specification sheets for details of exact features.