HR15N | 15.5m Self Propelled

Working Height

15.5m (51ft)

Working Outreach

9.7m (32ft)

1.5m Narrow Chassis

Allows operation in
confined areas

180° Platform Rotation
with Fly-Boom

Improving operator access

ToughCage with SiOPS® as Standard

Multi-award winning operator

Proportional Multi-Function Control

Fast & precise operation

Efficient Power System

Maximising battery output
to do more with each charge

Hybrid Power Option

Versatile, fuel efficient &
environmentally conscious

The HeightRider 15N (HR15N)  is a worksite essential. Packed with unparalleled features and immediate benefits, the HR15N transports two workers (including their tools) to a height of 15.5m. Not enough? The HR15N is also capable of a 9.7m outreach with the same working load. 


Compact and suited to challenging sites, maintenance settings and commercial environments, this self propelled cherry picker navigates limited spaces without leaving a mark on sensitive flooring or losing traction on outside terrain. The 180 degree rotating cage and fly-boom, in addition to the multi-award winning SiOPS® safety system  and Niftylift’s ToughCage, allows your crew to complete their tasks safely. 


Increase worksite efficiency with the HR15N. Speak to Niftylift today and get further details on our range of self propelled cherry pickers, including the HR12N and the HR17N

specifications HR15N
HR15 Narrow diagram