HR12 4×4

HR12 4×4 | 12.2m Self Propelled

Working height

12.2m (40ft)

Working outreach

6.1m (20ft)

Telescopic Upper Boom

Greater accuracy when positioning platform

Bi-Energy Available

Optimising Utilisation

Weight Under 3.5 Tonnes

Low cost transportation

Fully Proportional

Hydraulic Controls

Simple, reliable & easy to maintain

Slide-Out Canopy

Faster, easier access to engine

The Height Rider 12 4×4 (HR12 4×4) is the perfect combination of power, precision and a low weight chassis. Make short work of obstacles with a 6.10m outreach on tricky terrain – the deep treads will maintain their grip on the softest ground, allowing your workers to position the smooth telescopic boom with easy accuracy. 

A true all-rounder, the HR12 4X4 uses a work-ready 4 Wheel Drive system without chewing through fuel. Why not explore Nifty’s trademark Bi-Energy?This dual power source makes the H212 4X4 ideal for a diverse range of worksites. 

For more information regarding the HR12 4×4 or any other self propelled boom lift, including the HR12N and HR15 4×4, please contact us.

specifications HR12
HR12 4x4 diagram