HR17 Hybrid 4×4

HR17 Hybrid 4×4 | 17.2m Self Propelled

Working height

17.2 (56ft 6in)

Unrestricted working outreach at 225kg

9.40m (31ft)

Hybrid Power

Versatile, fuel efficient & environmentally conscious

Proportional Multi-Function Control

Fast & precise operation

GVW Only 5,000kg

Lowest weight in its class

Superb Manoeuvrability

3.70m outside turning radius

SiOPS™ as Standard

Award winning operator protection

Platform Rotation
& Fly-Boom

Improved access to applications

The Height Rider 17 4×4 Hybrid (HR17 Hybrid 4×4) is an environmentally friendly boom lift for a new generation of tasks. The low-weight design, teamed with an advanced hybrid power source and a highly efficient 4×4 ability, delivers the all-around performer you’ve been waiting for. 

Impact resistant ToughCage and SiOPS safety system offers optimal protection for the boom lift and operator.

Compact, easy to maneuver and extremely efficient, the small working envelope alone will positively impact work outcomes. Take advantage of more storage space, a 150 degree fly-boom and an accuracy boosting 180 degree cage rotation. Speaking of cages, the Niftylift ToughCage is resistant, resilient and ready to go. 


What Makes a Hybrid 4×4? 

The HR17 Hybrid 4×4 features a TIER IV compliant engine, supplemented by the machine’s battery when a power boost is required. Maximum power, minimal consumption. 

Are you searching for a zero emission alternative? The HR15 Hybrid 4×4 comes loaded with electric and battery only modes. 

Find out more about the HR17 Hybrid 4×4, including the innovative Diesel Re-Gen battery solution, by contacting Niftylift today

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