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Static Base Lift Platform

Static Base Cherry Pickers Range Explained

Niftylift Deck Riders have been designed to help worksites comply with industry ‘Working at Height’ regulations, featuring a sturdy base that sits on a steel sled and lifting points for easy on-site mobility. Niftylift Static Base Cherry Pickers can be securely craned into position, incorporating a changing width facility, ideal for varying pitches of profiled steelwork.  

Their lightweight composition makes our Deck Riders suited for the early stages of sitework, removing the reliance on an established slab for upper floor assembly. With a Static Base Cherry Picker, work continues where it’s needed, including freeing the lower levels for casting, rebar work and light traffic.  

Niftylift Static Base Cherry Pickers feature a 1.80m wide cage; a 150 degree fly-boom and a 100 degree cage rotation. More room, increased accuracy and easier positioning all in one.  


Power Options for Static Base Cherry Pickers 

Power sources include diesel, Bi-Energy* (united two different power sources), battery, mains and Hybrid, our environmentally friendly alternative.   

Learn More About Niftylift Base Cherry Pickers  

For more information regarding our static base cherry pickers or any other Nifty cherry pickers, please contact Niftylift today.


* Not available on all models, check specification sheets for details of exact features. 

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