Nifty donates to wildlife sanctuary

Nifty donates to wildlife sanctuary

The team with the reconditioned machine

Nifty Australia has reached up to koalas in danger by donating a Nifty 120 TPE EWP to Port Stephens Koalas in Australia.

The EWP will help with both animal rescue and food collection. Ron Land from PS Koalas was delighted at the offer of the Nifty 120 TPE petrol and electric machine and said ‘This will make a massive difference to the sanctuary and will save koalas’ lives as even an injured koala will try to get up a tree and the sooner we can rescue them and perform triage the better their life expectancy.’

Injured or sick koalas are often difficult to persuade down from their trees for help. Ron recounts trying to entice a koala down by banging on the tree with sticks above the animal. ‘It is very stressful for the animal but our only option… but now we a can go silently up a tree to the koala and pluck them to safety. The machine will also be used to collect good-quality food leaves from the tops of trees.’

Nifty CEO John King lives in Nelson Bay in The Port Stephens area of NSW and as a recipient of a koala ‘adoption’ had the idea a few months ago. ‘I was shocked at how much our local wildlife suffers injury and sickness and we wanted to help in some way. They do an invaluable job looking after the areas endangered population and although our area escaped being hit by the recent fires, they take care of injured koalas from harder fire-ravaged areas.’

The work platform was traded in to Nifty and due to regulations needed to be stripped down and re-built to make sure it is safe for use by the sanctuary staff. John would like to thank the local businesses that helped out including Access Services Australia who called in a few favours for the machine to be crack-tested and EWP Sales and Spares came to the rescue with a free paint job. Opalescent provided decals.

The machine was rebuilt in Nifty’s workshop and Niftylift UK supplied parts free-of-charge. John was impressed that other companies wanted to get involved and donate both their time and materials. John says, ‘It is great to see the human spirit pulling together in the present difficult times.’

If you would also like to sponsor a koala or give a donation to help with their work please contact Port Stephens Koalas at