Nifty’s quiet revolution

Nifty’s quiet revolution


John King visits the Nifty factory

Interest in electric machines has been growing recently as they are quiet and have less impact on our environment. In order to find out more, Nifty New Zealand’s John King recently went on a fact-finding expedition to the Niftylift plant and headquarters in Shenley Wood in the East Midlands of England. John wanted to know more about the new electric machines to see how they would appeal to the New Zealand market. At the forefront is the new HR12 low-weight and narrow chassis versions that are in development and rolling off the production line now. Development Director Steve Redding spoke to John about their particular characteristics and went through training on the machines with him. His team are responsible for all innovation and development for Niftylift on site at their Milton Keynes office.

Introducing the new HR12 low-weight

Pictured above, and already ordered by hire companies in Australia, is the new HeightRider 12 metre low-weight boom. The first machines will arrive in New Zealand soon and the team can’t wait to show their customers its many innovations. The light-weight chassis is one of the lightest and most versatile machines in its class weighing just 2,540kg (a 2,470kg Lithium battery option is available).

Importantly, the HR12L is so light that it can be transported on a trailer behind a car which allows the hire company customer to transport the machine themselves and offers significant advantages for site-to-site transportation.  Using a car for transportation makes delivery to sites easier and cheaper.

The HR12L utilises a super-efficient battery power system with an all-electric drive that allows the batteries to work for twice as long, so more work can be completed on one charge and running costs are significantly reduced.

A telescopic upper boom gives the HR12L improved accuracy when positioning the platform and superb chassis manoeuvrability makes it ideal for a wide range of applications, especially for indoor use. The HR12L also incorporates Niftylift’s ToughCage and the multi-award winning SiOPS® safety systems.

Revolutionary electric machines from Nifty

Additional to the new HR12L, Nifty is also launching a HR12N narrow version. Shown above next to its sister machine, the HR12N will also be a fully electric machine and have all the added benefits expected of a new Nifty. The HeightRider 15 and 17 and 21 metre booms are available as all-electric versions too.

Niftlift’s electric innovations

Nifty tries to be environmentally conscious in its day-to-day running and to this end the company has recently purchased a pre-owned Nissan Leaf all-electric car. Imported from Japan, it and is available for employees to use during the day and utilised each night for a commute home. Nifty’s diesel bill has dramatically decreased and with it a huge decrease in carbon footprint and particulate emissions.

Nifty Australia’s headquarters in NSW also has solar panels on the warehouse roof. previously all machine charging would happen overnight using cheaper grid electricity. Now Nifty makes its own solar energy and charges machines during working hours. The electric car is also charged using solar energy during the day from a charging station in a converted iconic British red phone box!