Trailer Mounted

Trailer Mounted Cherry Picker

Trailer Mounted Cherry Pickers Range Explained

Transport our Niftylift Trailer Mounted Cherry Pickers from worksite to worksite with ease. Offering a compact envelope and a lighter weight for their dimensions, these simple-to-operate vehicles are efficient to setup using hydraulic outriggers* or manual controls.

No matter which working height you’re searching for – from 9m (30ft) to over 21m (69ft) – Niftylift Trailer Mounted Cherry Pickers are road-towable and packed with practical details that will make a difference on your site. Traction drive, telescopic booms, platform rotation, fly booms and hydraulic outriggers* are just some of the features that set our machines apart.

Power Options for Trailer Mounted Cherry Pickers

Nifty is proud to offer Bi-Energy* in a limited range of vehicles, joining the power of two sources in a single machine. In addition to Bi-Energy, our trailer Mounted Cherry Pickers are also powered by mains, petrol, diesel and conventional batteries.

Find Out More about our Trailer-Mounted Cherry Pickers

Do you have a question? Are you searching for more information? Contact Niftylift today and speak to a representative about our range of Trailer Mounted Cherry Pickers.

* Not available on all models, check specification sheets for details of exact features.