Nifty 150T

Nifty 150T | 14.7m Trailer Mount

Working Height

14.7m (48ft 6in)

Working outreach

7.55m (25ft)

Telescopic Upper Boom

Greater accuracy when
positioning platform

Bi-Energy Available

Optimising utilisation

Hydraulic Outriggers

For quick & easy setup

Fully Proportional Hydraulic Controls

Simple, reliable & easy to maintain

Traction Drive Option

Improved maneuverability on site

The Nifty 150T makes navigating large barriers a breeze, with an economising working envelope and an up-and-over clearance of more than 5.6m. Proportional hydraulic controls deliver a precision experience, allowing users to take full advantage of a 1.4m wide platform and reach low levels effectively.

Developed to grant users full control over their trailer mount, the Nifty 150T is safe to set up and position on difficult terrain, stabilised by its compact size, hydraulically operated outriggers and optionally, traction drive.

Make your worksite more efficient with the Nifty 150T. Contact Niftylift for more information about our range of trailer mounts, including the Nifty 120 and Nifty 170.

Nifty 150T diagram