Nifty Hybrid Technology

Nifty Hybrid Technology


Are you looking for a diesel boom that is versatile, cost-effective and environmentally friendly?  A Nifty boom  powered by Gen2 Hybrid, our second-generation parallel-hybrid powertrain, is just what you are looking for.

You will only find it on Niftylift’s versatile mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs).

Leading the Way in Hybrid Technology

Niftylift was the world’s first MEWP manufacturer to offer a true parallel-hybrid powertrain – introduced on the HR21 4×4 in 2007. Since then, we have remained at the forefront of hybrid technology and in 2018 introduced our second-generation hybrid system, known as ‘Gen2 Hybrid’. This new system takes full advantage of more than a decade of Niftylift Hybrid technological experience to deliver one of the most robust, reliable and supremely efficient power systems available on the market today.

EU Stage V Diesel with Electric Boost

Our Gen2 Hybrid system is powered by an EU Stage V Diesel engine, which is automatically boosted by an electric motor when extra power is needed. This combination enables us to utilise smaller engines than would otherwise be required, while still maintaining power and performance.

Lower Consumption – Lower Costs – Fewer Emissions

Our smaller, power-optimised Hybrid engines are more efficient than larger Diesel-only alternatives and use up to 50% less fuel, cutting running costs in half. They also produce fewer emissions, thereby minimising their environmental impact and they don’t need costly exhaust filtration add-ons.

Electric-only Mode for Zero-Emission Operation

Gen2 Hybrid includes an electric-only mode for zero-emission operation. Simply switch off the Diesel engine and the machine will run cleanly and quietly using only its electric motor. This makes it perfect for indoor use as well as tasks where noise or emissions are restricted and greatly increases the number of locations in which the machine can operate.

On-board Diesel ‘Re-Gen’ for Fast Charging

The Gen2 Hybrid’s maintenance-free AGM batteries can be recharged from an AC (mains) power source, or by its on-board ‘Diesel-Ren’ feature. This feature can charge the batteries twice as fast as AC cleverly using any surplus power produced by the Diesel engine during operation. This means that you can potentially run a Gen2 Hybrid 24 hours-a-day, using the electric motor to work quietly at night and then re-charge during the day, while running on Diesel.

Full Battery Monitoring and Protection

We understand the importance of battery health and longevity, so Gen2 Hybrid also incorporates full battery monitoring and protection. It monitors battery voltage, current and temperature to prevent the batteries from being excessively discharged as well as optimising the charging profile. This protects the batteries from operational damage and ensures that they remain healthy for longer, reducing maintenance costs and increasing battery lifespan.

The Future of Diesel Powertrain Technology

Powered by EU Stage V Diesel with an electric boost when needed, Gen2 Hybrid offers lower fuel consumption and emissions without compromising on power or performance. It can run quietly with zero-emissions when required and protects its batteries, helping them to perform better and last longer. It is the most advanced parallel-hybrid powertrain that Niftylift has ever produced and we believe represents the future for Diesel-powered MEWPs.