Customer Testimonial for Nifty HR17 Hybrid

Customer Testimonial for Nifty HR17 Hybrid

Paul Rockes of Bendigo Hire says “Here at Bendigo Hire we were contacted by Bendigo Art Gallery, a long term client of Bendigo Hire, to supply various items of equipment to assist in the reassembly of the giant Marilyn Monroe sculpture named “Forever Marilyn”. The items that were required included a Nifty Height Rider 17 Hybrid.

The Nifty HR17 Hybrid was fantastic to operate as the unique design of Marilyn and her flowing dress presented some very difficult angles for me. We needed to work on the join on the top of her dress and I was very mindful of the boom’s supporting structure that is attached under the basket and the clearance to the sculpture (I did not want to become known as the guy that hit the sculpture with the boom lift). Just to add to the pressure was an ever changing audience of on lookers all armed with cameras and iPhones, etc. During the process I used every facet of the boom controls and in particular the telescopic function and basket swivel and slew.

Forever Marilyn is by any means an imposing structure standing at 8.0 meters tall and weighing in at 15,000 kg, it has been brought to Bendigo as part of a Marilyn Monroe exhibition. Bendigo is the only city in Australia that is hosting the entire Marilyn Monroe exhibition, from March 5 to July 10 2016. The sculpture is located in the centre of Bendigo at the entrance to the beautiful Rosalind Park and is only a short 3 minute stroll to the Bendigo Art Gallery.

The Marilyn sculpture consists of a steel framed base topped with a 25mm thick, 3m x 3m steel plate bottom that weighs 8 tonne and acts as the stabiliser for the sculpture.

The sculpture was transported in pieces and reassembled on site by a team of 5 Americans, flown in specifically for the reassembly task, in addition to using a local crane company’s 100 tonne crane.

Firstly the stainless steel legs were secured to the base, then the main body was attached (through a small access panel on her back where a man climbed inside and bolted it all together), then the arms were attached. The Nifty HR17 Hybrid was used during this phase of the process.

I personally became involved on the final day, as I became the substitute Nifty HR17 Hybrid boom operator. The Americans held an American version of our EWP ticket, which is not recognised in Australia.

My role was to manoeuvre the Nifty HR17 Hybrid boom whilst one of the Americans went through the process of putting tape over all external screws, filling all joint gaps with a poly-filler, spraying the same areas with undercoat/primer, painting in the white and skin colour with 2 Pac, then spraying a pearl colour over the white and finally a clear coat over all repainted surfaces. We began this process at 8.00am on Wednesday 3 February and worked non-stop till 6.30pm.”

Paul Rockes
Co owner
Bendigo Hire