Structural Systems hire Nifty SD210 for 20 weeks

Structural Systems hire Nifty SD210 for 20 weeks


Elevated platform work traditionally has come with a compromise. Often, the higher the working height and working outreach required then the heavier the machine.

This isn’t always a problem but throw in alternating ground levels, degrees of access and delicate working areas and heavier machines with limited capacities become problematic.

The 4 wheel drive Nifty SD210 Self-Drive boom available from Coates Hire takes on these considerations and not only has a working height of 21.30m (70ft), a working outreach of 12.60m (41ft 6in) but is light weight, weighing between 3-4 tonnes based on configuration.

AJ from Structural Systems recently engaged the Nifty SD210 from Coates Hire for 20 weeks. This was part of 30 week project for façade work on eight Landmark apartments at three levels. Founded in Victoria in 1961, Structural Systems is an Australian owned building remediation and strengthening company.

What made the job particularly challenging was the hilly terrain the site was located on.

“We had to consider alternating ground levels and restricted degrees of access which wouldn’t allow for a scaffolding option which would also have been much slower. Other machines have an angle alarm and are deemed unsuitable even at 5 degrees. The outriggers on the Nifty are self-levelling on adverse terrain” – said AJ.

The boom also had to be driven and on delicate residential lawns with a number of turns required on the grass around corners. The extra manoeuvrability available from the 4 wheel steering coupled with the ‘Turf Tyres’ make the SD210 ideal for working on sensitive surfaces such as grass.

“Turning with a 16ft boom would have otherwise been a considerable problem. Coates Hire were able to supply a light machine and body corporate had no issues with it being driven on lawn.”

4 wheel drive and steer also are aiding factors in stability which is important considering the machine boasts longest horizontal outreach in its class of boom.

Nifty have also considered the safety features of the SD210 with an anti-crush cage feature that automatically turns the machine off if the operator is pushed against the cage. Safety breakers are also in place to cut the power being delivered to the cage in the event of an emergency.

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