Self Drive

Self Drive Cherry Pickers

NiftyLife self-drive cherry pickers combine the capabilities of trailer mounts and self-propelled cherry pickers, delivering a compact and highly maneuverable solution. Our work-ready range boasts working heights between 12m (40ft) and 21m (69ft), further complemented by easy-to-operate features such as telescopic booms, fly-booms and a platform rotation maximised to make short work of variable sites. 

Take advantage of hassle-free proportional controls and drive from the platform while stowed. Traction and slow setups won’t be a problem, as a 4WD chassis option and hydraulic outriggers provide stability on tricky terrain.  

Self Drive Cherry Pickers Power Options

Power options to fuel Nifty self-drive cherry pickers cover petrol, diesel, battery and Bi-Energy. Why not unite two power sources in the same machine and enjoy the benefits of both?* 

More Self Drive Cherry Pickers Information

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