Nifty Standard Duty Cycle

Nifty Standard Duty Cycle

Standard Duty Cycle.

A new name for Hird Cycle and a new way to check battery potential.

We at Nifty know how difficult it can be to explain new technology and how it can benefit the user.  We realised that we were having difficulty explaining to customers and end users what a “Hird cycle” was.  The Hird Cycle is how long a machines battery will last. To help clarify the extended life of Nifty batteries we have launched the Niftylift Standard Duty cycle which has the same actions as the Hird cycle.

All previous data is relevant but now we can now chose how the cycle is communicated to our customers and end users. The Standard Duty Cycle allows each machine to be assigned a “SDC rating” which will be directly related to the number of Standard Duty cycles the machine can perform on one full battery charge, this will make it easy to compare each of our products to one another.

This video easily communicates what a Standard Duty cycle is, and how we as a company use it to improve our products.